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The 2013 annual fire drill [2013-6-11]
On June 11, 2013, the company held a large-scale fire drill, as all the employees hold jump participation and practical fire, in order to make the company all staff and leasing staff understand th……
Ming pay and maike Mid-Autumn festival gala [2012-9-29]
Ming pay, and maike Mid-Autumn festival party on September 29, 2012, namely, August 14 (lunar calendar) : Ming pay and maike company was in 4th floor, have a distinctive "Mid-Autumn festival, cele……
In the United States at CES [2013-1-20]
In January 2013, my company sales staff and executives in the United States at CES, promote the products of the company and learn the advanced foreign technology, top in the industry. Exhibition e……
The 2013 Spring Festival gala of macc [2013-2-4]
2013.2.4 2013 Spring Festival gala in order to strengthen the enterprise staff's cohesive force, enrich culture life; Express enterprises to employees holiday care and greetings, and make the emp……
Employees symposium [2013-7-5]
2013.7.5 staff symposium: dominated by general manager, take some employees represent various departments, carry out the discussion of our company since was established the first staff meeting. Sy……
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