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Talent Recruitment
一、product manager
1, college degree or above, major in electronic engineering. 
2, LCD/LED LCD TV product development work experience more than five years, 
3, have certain management and communication skills. 
4, familiar with the television industry, and a good supplier of resources, 
5, can independently accomplish the development of the project and follow up. 

二、the optical engineer
1, college degree or above. 
2, work in the LED TV optical three or more years, can achieve a single project. 
3, understand the diaphragm, light the match. Known as module class components market, has a stable supply chain resources. 
4, the all-in-one DLED/ELED production and quality have a full understanding and cognition. 
5, work actively, strong sense of responsibility, has the certain compressive capacity and strong sense of team. 

三、module structure engineers
1, college degree or above. 
2, familiar with TV and TV module structure, able to skillfully use CAD and Pro/E software, the ability to have an independent processing module structure problems. 
3, have for more than two years work experience. 
4, work actively, strong sense of responsibility, has the certain compressive capacity and strong sense of team. 

四、electronic engineer
1, junior college or above, major in electronic engineering. 
2, 3 years working experience in LCD TV product development. 
3, is responsible for the LED/LCD TV product prophase development and electronic parts of work experience. 
4, can use protel/PADS, can draw some simple PCB. 

五、LED/LCD TV software testers
1, TV product software testing work more than 2 years working experience, at the same time have in-depth knowledge of software testing; 
2, can according to the test requirements for the LED/LCD TV test, and able to sort out test report; 
3, familiar with all kinds of test plan, plan company software test experience is preferred. 
4, familiar with different parts of the LED/LCD TV product features and testing standards, able to skillfully use the test instruments such as LED/LCD TV software need: 54200 / hd signal meter/digital signal generator/build test platform, etc. 
5, good English reading ability, familiar with computer office software and equipment operation. 

六、QA team leader
1, high school degree or above, men and women there is no limit. 
2, work in the years of LCD TV and LCD TV QA; 
3, familiar with quality department QA, IPQC, QC, IQC work process and content 
4, serious and responsible work, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the work according to the row, teamwork spirit. 

七、senior electrician
1. Technical secondary school or above. Hold the electrician certificate. 
2, four years or more large enterprises electrician or equipment maintenance management experience. 
3, in assembly line of the TV, air conditioning and other machinery and equipment repair and maintenance aspects have a lot of experience. 
4, is sincere, work steadfast, obey management. 

八、long production line
1, high school or above, more than 22 years old. 
2, the similar position working experience more than 3 years electronics factory, understand the LCD all-in-one assembly is preferred. 
3, familiar with small and medium-sized electronics factory production line personnel on site management, production scheduling, coordination, 5 s management. 
4, people sincerely, work initiative, has the sense of responsibility. 

九、PC commissioner
1. Technical secondary school or above. 
2, two years of electronics manufacturing experience in PMC. 
3, be steadfast, work conscientiously, strong sense of responsibility. 
4, strong verbal and written skills. 

1, college degree or above, purchasing/electrical or related disciplines; 
2, the similar position working experience 3 years or above; Be familiar with all kinds of materials supply channels and market changes; Familiar with purchasing process, electronics, structure, electrical and other raw materials purchasing experience; 
3, a strong sense of responsibility, integrity, language expression ability, has the certain business negotiation skills, able to familiar with the use of office software; 
4, outgoing personality, learning, communication, compression capability, sensitive reaction quickly. 
5, LED, LCD, or related industry working experience is preferred. 

十一、sale in domestic market sales
1, college degree or above. 
2, be familiar with the advertising machine industry product markets. 
3, strong customer communication ability and higher business handling ability, has the good team cooperation spirit. 
4, strong learning ability, dare to challenge, have certain ability to work under pressure. 
5, advertising machine product sales experience is preferred. 

十二、foreign trade salesman
1, college degree or above. 
2, English CET 4 or above, speaking, reading and writing ability, fluent spoken English; 
3, 2-3 years working experience in foreign trade business, familiar with foreign trade business operation process; 
4, good working attitude and team spirit, able to expand their business, with overseas customer development capabilities; 
5, if the familiar with LCD TV industry. 

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