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Social Responsibility

corporate social responsibility policies
Corporate social responsibility principles : people-oriented , regulatory compliance , continuous improvement , and social returns
Ming salary electronics companies that comply with international labor law, and Chinese labor and social security laws and regulations, safeguard the rights of employees to be a responsible company should have the basic conditions, but also consumers , customers, the public and the government and other stakeholders ' expectations , so the company promises:

  • SA8000 compliance and other relevant social responsibility codes of conduct, social responsibility efforts to achieve objectives ;
  • Prohibit the use of child labor, forced labor and young workers do not accept any use of child labor, underage labor or forced labor suppliers or subcontractors ;
  • Respect for workers' freedom to prohibit any form of forced labor ;
  • Promote labor-management cooperation , respect for employees ' freedom of association and collective bargaining ;
  • Provide equal and fair working environment , prohibit any form degrading behavior ;
  • Reasonable arrangements for production planning, reasonable arrangements for workers' working hours , rest and leave ;
  • Provide reasonable wages and benefits, to meet staff and external demands.

  • company continued to improve working conditions stated
  • The Company undertakes to abide by Chinese laws and regulations and the Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility , and strict selection of high standards , in line with the social responsibility of all employees of the company and responsible attitude, for the protection of the natural environment , and continuously improve production and living environment , protect employees' health and safety tireless efforts.
  • Company law to gradually improve a series of health, environmental protection , improved working conditions and increasing employee wages and benefits system so that the interests of employees are safeguarded.
  • All of our workshops, warehouses , offices and other buildings are built according to state standards , ventilation, good lighting ; space requirements meet the standards, the quality of infrastructure required by the government through acceptance.
  • Fire protection system and plant the main project design, construction, and put into use by government departments, fire acceptance , so that facilities can ensure early warning of fire and the fire quickly evacuated to ensure the safety of employees .
  • All workshop provided a sufficient number of male and female toilets, drinking water facilities there , exhaust fan , fan, enough energy saving lighting ( part of the workshop installed explosion-proof lights ) , walkways uniform , exit staircases spacious , environmental acceptance through government departments , comply with national environmental requirements.
  • Each of the workshop process is not highly toxic , shop air , dust, noise, regular annual inspection and monitoring , monitoring of temperature and humidity every day , according to national regulations related processes configured for the protection and safety , labor protection.
  • All devices are safety devices, has professional maintenance , can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents .
  • Staff to conduct the factory , workshop training , qualified only after induction , so that employees can work skillfully by safety rules , so that it can effectively protect themselves.
  • establish social service mechanism , assume social responsibility
  • Ming salary Electronics is committed to their own development , but also will actively serve the community , contributing to our country , with a strong sense of responsibility and make a social conscience of the enterprise. Ming salary Electronics positive response since its inception donated show love to the call , and in the next five years, more than hope aided primary schools to help children to return to the classroom . Meanwhile, Ming Electronics also ready to form the city paid volunteer volunteers to help the needy people to solve the employment and difficulties in life .
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