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R&D Center

      Since inception, we have been adhering to the principle  "profession, technique, quality, innovation" and innovating
and developing new products to highlight the advantages of our products. 

      With dozens of R&D Engineers in the technology depart, we have spent over 5% of  our income on research and development. As a result, the research and development level and the quality testing ability rank the top in the industry.
      Apart from home TV, our products include some special ones such as 3D TV, Smart TV, Vehicle TV,Waterproof
TV, Sailing TV,Jail TV,Network advertising machine,Medical TV,ELED TV,All-in-one LED TV and so on.

      To ensure the company’s technology leadership in the next few years, we have made proactive research based on
the latest international technical standards and reserved some technical projects like integrated TV,Smart TV,Glasses-
free 3D,and 4K TV etc.

      Much investment has been put into equipment. We now posses a wide range  of  testing equipment such as analog
TV signal  generator, color  analyzer, audio analyzer , electrostatic tester, HD  signal  generator, video analyzer, power
meter, color thermometer, digital TV generator, audio signal generator, spectrum analyzer, power supply comprehensive
test   instrument, digital  oscilloscope,  distortion meter,  grounding  resistance  tester,  automatic withstanding voltage
insulation  tester,  automatic jump voltage power supply  tester,  field strength  meter,  frequency  conversion power
supply, high and low temperature environment test box, vibration drop test table and so on.
     Our  company  has  a  complete  R&D  system  and  an independent department that has more than 30   technical
personnels of all kinds who devote to the research and development of multimedia digital TV technology and products
and  provide  superior  products  to  customers. 
By  the  introduction  and cultivation of innovative talents and projects
impacts, the  department  try  to  build  a  R&D  team  of  good  quality, high  efficiency,reasonable structure and stable

      We persist in technology innovation and proprietary intellectual property rights and pay much attention  to proprietary intellectual property rights construction. And our company,for one year, has gained three practical new patents and plans
to launch two practical new patents and one invention patent in the field of digital TV every year. 

      The developing  R&D  department  regards  technology  development  as  its  goal, and independent innovation as its
mission, give instant reply to customers’ needs, provide premium products and seek common development with customers. 


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