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Quality Control
    This specification provides the subjective evaluation items, evaluation requirements and methods of color television broadcasting receivers (hereinafter referred to as Color TV).
2.Scope of application
    This specification is applicable to the subjective evaluation test of TV products. QC, QA, IPQC and    other parts of the subjective evaluation refer to the project schedule for the inspection and preparation of the project report.
3.Quoted standards
    GB 9379   (Subjective tests and assessment for broadcasting television receivers)
    GB/T15639 (Subjective assessment for television broadcast receivers)
    PZB1-034  (Subjective assessment of internal control standards for color TV sets)
    PZB1-006  (Standard for appearance inspection of color TV set)
4.Signal source
  4.1 Radio frequency signal
      In line with the internal source signal and the signal source of cable or satellite TV signal of the GB3174 "color TV broadcast". Signal field strength adjustment,the image format(PAL、NTSC3.58/4.43、SECAM) ,the sound system(B/G、D/K、M、I、NICAMI、NICAMB/G or NICAMD/K) and digital TV standard(ATSC、DVB-T/T2、DVB-C、DVB-S/S2、ISDB-T、DTMB) should meet the requirements of the prototype system.
  4.2 Video signal
      It should enable all video terminals insert at the same time and the image format should be in accordance with the requirements of VIDEO, S-VIDEO, YUV, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI, DVI, USB and other video signals.
  4.3 Multimedia signal
      The audio and video stream, picture format, U disk, mobile hard disk for tests should be supported by the host chip specifications
  4.4 Network signal
      It should be able to meet the internet connection mode the host chip supports
     The power supply should have enough power margin, the power supply voltage can be adjusted continuously, and the power supply frequency (50/60Hz)should meet the requirements of the prototype.
6.Inspection items
     Inspect the items one by one according to the items stipulated in  Subjective evaluation item list of Subjective evaluation report


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